My response to a customer when he had some teething troubles.

Result: The customer continued with us. #customerexperience #sales  

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15 Tips for Winning a Sale!

How many times have you been so close to closing a sale but lost it in the end? I have been there many a times. But I didn't lose the lesson. Let me sum up my learning and guide you to make a successful closing. 1. Ask for the order: If your prospect keeps postponing the [...]

How not to communicate…

Well, I am a great fan of emails. After the invention of wheels, I consider email application as the greatest invention. Even after whatsapp, messenger, skype etc, email still holds its place in this era of instant communication. But do we really know how to write an email? That sparks interest in the reader's mind [...]

Optimism begets more optimism!

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What are your Goals for 2019?

Choose from the options below:   1. To be a good parent. 2. To read more books. 3. To make more money. 4. To spend more time with family. 5. To visit new places. 6. To help as many people as possible. 7. To be good in thoughts and actions. 8. To get fit, to [...]

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The Road Less Stupid !! – book by Keith Cunningham

How to get what you want: Write down your major daily outcomes every day. Plan your day before it starts. Be accountable to someone for your plans, commitments and results. This is the Summary of the book "The Road Less Stupid” by Keith Cunningham. Summary Credit: Jeff Hotz #successtips #keithcunningham #roadlessstupid  

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Create Content else Curate Content!!

Today Customers are better informed than the Sales people themselves. They do all the homework before calling you for a discussion. Content is King, as they say. And Marketing is the new Sales. Though it can never replace Sales, Digital Marketing & Inbound marketing is a given. And businesses need to invest in it. So, [...]

Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength!

Sales People are by far the only ones who do not stop learning. Yet they feel inadequate and identify areas of improvement. And continuously they upgrade, refine & groom themselves. Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength! Identify your Greatest Weakness / your business' Greatest Weakness and you will be on your way to achieving [...]

Sales is not a sprint but a marathon!!

I happened to watch a portion of a documentary on marathon running. What I learnt is that it calls for more preparation than what is required for a sprint. Endurance is key for a marathon. While speed and agility are important for a Sprint, one should save energy and stay in the game at a [...]

What should your dashboard show?

Dashboards have been in use for more than two decades now. Initially, it was available only for the CXOs to stay up to date on their teams' performance and targets. But it is now important for each one of us to use a dashboard to stay focused and reach our goals. Let us take a [...]

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